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Solar Controller 12V,24V-20A

We manufature all kinds of solar power system products including solar panel,solar PV controller,sollar battery and solar power inverters .

Product Details

Our solar controller specs is the following:
WS-C2425 20A
Medium Sized Solar Charge Controller
1. Automatic recognition of input voltage
2. Applying with various types of durable batteries
3. Micro processing controller Pulse Modulation Wide-frequencyPWMcharge
4. Setting the voltage of low voltage cut-off/resuming connection of the DC output of the load port
5. Temperature sensor for charging a battery in compensation
6. Protective circuit of PV from reverse-charging.
7. Overloading protection
8. Overcharge protection
9. Short circuit protection
10. The temperature compensate
11. Reversed polarity connection protection
12. Conversed discharge protection
13. Thunder protection
14. Low voltage protection
Rated Voltage: 12V/24V   Automatic distinguish voltage
Loading current Max: 20A
Full charge cut: 13.7V/27.4V
Low voltage cut: 10.5~11V/21V~22V
Temperature compensation : -3mv//cell
No load loss: ≤30mA
Wire area Min : 4mm2
Voltage drop : <240mv