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Solar Controller JN-K Series and JN-R Series

Product Name: Solar Charge Controller
Model: JN-K Series:
12 V / 24V / 48V-10A-15A-20A-30A

Model: JN-R Series
12 V / 24V / 48V-30A-40A-50A-60A

Size:166 x98x47 mm 
Weight: 0.41kg / pc

Product Details


1).Use CPU processor superior speed performance
2).Common cathode circuit design makes the system more stable and reliable.
3).The high precision A/D sampling to ensure the accuracy of sampling
4).Excellent EMC design
5).12V/24V automatic identification system voltage or 48V battery voltage
6).Imported MOSFET as power switch, low loss, high reliability
7).LCD display and keypad interface, complete menu display and operation
8).Use of RS-232 communication, the communication speed and communication protocol compatibility are very well
9).The controller with over temperature, over discharge, overload, short circuit protection function
10).The photovoltaic array and reverse battery protection function
11).The 5V DC output, can supply power for the mobile phone or digital products