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MPPT Mini / AL/ BL / CL Series Solar Controller

SEAFOREST MPPT Mini / AL/ BL / CL Series Solar Charge Controller Current Rating 10A~120A

MPPT Mini Series: 10~50A
MPPT AL Series: 10~50A
MPPT BL Series: 30~70A
MPPT BL Series: 50~120A

Product Details

This series products are bused on multiphase synchronous rectification technology and common negative design, 

Using advanced dual-core processor architecture architecture and MPPT control algorithm, it has the characteristics of high respond speed, 
High reliability and high industrial standard.

With the MPPT control algorithm, MPPT-AL/BL/CL series can quickly track the maximum power point of PV array 
And get real-time access to the biggest energy of solar panels in any environment. With multiphase synchronous rectification technology, 
MPPT-AL/BL/CL series are guaranteed to keep a high conversion efficiency in any charging power environment.

Compared with most of the BUCK products, the energy utilization of solar energy system is quickly improved. 
The controller can be connected to the host computer to through RS485, and it supports the expansion of WIFI module to realize 
APP cloud monitoring. It can be widely used in communication station, household system, street lamp system and field monitoring system etc.

With comprehensive electronic fault self-test function and powerful electronic protection function,