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MC4 Solar Connector With TUV Approval

Main feature of Solar Connector:
1.Connector adopts touch and insertion of reed \inner-knob type.
2.Auto-lock equipment of male and female points enable connection more easy and reliable.
3.Popular figure suit most of field installation
4.Simple on-site processing
5.Mating safety provided by keyed housings
6.Mutiple plugging and unplugging cycles
7.Accoomodates PV cable with deferent insulation diamaters
8.High current carrying capacity

Product Details

MC4 Connector
Mode: RO-1
Insulation material: PPO
Rated current: 30A
Rated voltage: 1000V
Test voltage: 6KV(50Hz,1Min)
Contact resistance:5mΩ
Protection degree: IP67
Safe class: Ⅱ

Flame class:UL94-V0
Insertion force: ≤50N
Withdarawal force: ≥50N

Ambient temperature range: -40℃~+90℃

Suitable cable: 2.5~6.0mm2 AWG14/12/10

Pin dimensions: φ4.0mm