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Solar Charger SF-005

Following the business policy of“Honesty-Altruism-Innovation-Activety” 
We have exported solar panels inverter. connector.cable charger and other Products to Japan and Europe over 14 years.
So we have ontained good comments from these clients because of the reliable And professional service.

Product Details


1.Configuration of high efficiency, high power crystal silicon solar panels to enhance the usefulness of the product, under the standard  sunshine 4-6  hours can be full of products built-in lithium batteries.                                                                                                                             

2.LED lights display real-time electricity consumption by three LED lights, real-time instructions built-in battery power, red linght shows the batter is lower, orange lithium batteries light shows  higher battery, if the lights changed green light means full  power. 

3. Settings manually surge functional , make products in the efficiency of the conversion process to play the best performance, while its own voltage has lock function, can be charged a very good protection .Volume: Size: 110*70*12.5  Gross Weight: 265 g/set   


Package information:
Gift box Size:19.0*14.0*5.5CM 
Carton size:60*34.5*28cm(40sets/package)
Net weight: 11.5KG
Gross weight: 12KG