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Mono Solar Panel 290w

Packing information:
Inner box: 1 PC/1 inner box
Out box: 2 inner box(2PCS)/1 out box
20’’FC:70out box(140 inner box=140PCS)

Product Details

Model:290W Monocrystalline solar panel
Size: 1950*995*50mm
Cell size(mm):125×125
Net weight:23kg
Work voltage:35.2V
Work current:8.24A
Open circuit current:44.2V
Short circuit current:8.56A
Maximum system voltage(V):1000V
Temperature coefficients of Isc(%):+0.1/℃
Temperature coefficients of voc(%):-0.38/℃
Temperature coefficients of pm(%):-0.47/℃
Temperature coefficients of Im(%):+0.1/℃
Temperature coefficients of vm(%):-0.38/℃
Noct(℃): 48±2
Temperature range:-40℃---80℃
Surface maximum load capacity: 60m/s(200kg/sq.m)
Junction box type:
Connectors and cables type: 4mm2
Length of cables(mm):900
Cell  Efficiency (%):16%
Walt  tolerance: ±5%
Frame(material.corners.etc):High transmissivity low-iron 3.2mm
Toughened glass.
Standard test conditions: Am1.5 100WM/cm2  25℃
Warranty: 3 years for the whole product,for the power,90% for 10 years
80% for 25 years.